WanderArt is joining ArtAround, and we’re fired up

About one out of every five people I talk to about WanderArt responds with, “Have you heard about ArtAround?”

And I always say “Yes, they’re amazing.” ArtAround is the community-powered art mapping technology that makes finding and sharing public art a breeze.

Since editorial is all I know, that’s where I started with WanderArt. After a year of Google Street View, bike-riding and photographing, I just passed the halfway point in documenting San Francisco’s 7×7 square miles of permanent and semi-permanent public art.

And I couldn’t be more excited to tell you that all that information is headed to the ArtAround platform because we’re joining forces, combining tech and editorial so that your free public art resource can be both community-driven and comprehensive.

Anna is graciously handing me the ArtAround reigns, and for the rest of the year I’ll be turning WanderArt’s research and photographs into the ArtAround catalog — each entry outfitted with all the background knowledge the Internet has to offer on the artwork, the same mission we set for WanderArt’s works.

One of the WanderArt goals I’m most excited about bringing to ArtAround is connecting local art with the community so we can do more than document and guide. Which means continuing on with Art not Ads and expanding this spring’s Art on BART project to reach outside the train cars. There’s no reason every empty wall or sidewalk shouldn’t be a canvas for an artist who’s inspired, so I see ArtAround a gallery and guide, both a resource and a participant in the public arts realm.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.45.41 AM

But I see ArtAround reaching far beyond the Bay Area. I want to create a global art-loving community that shares the art outside from every far-reaching corner of the earth. There are places in the world erupting with unrest, and the visual expression that ends up in public places deserves to be documented, preserved and shared.

So if you or someone you know loves street art and lives in Europe, Asia, Africa or South America (basically anywhere outside the U.S.!), send them the link for the ArtAround app and ask them to share the art they find with all of us.

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