The Art on BART Launch Party!

Last Friday’s Art on BART Launch Party was an amazing first WanderArt gallery! Thanks to everyone who came out to support local art, and especially to Public Works for letting us use such a beautiful space for the event.


All in all we had more than 100 people filter through during our four hour pop-up art gallery. When we first put out the Artist Call for Art on BART, we received 80+ submissions from every corner of the Bay Area. We could only pick six works since there are only six ad spaces within the BART cars, but we invited our favorite submissions back to participate in this launch gallery!

The Silent Auction Wall featured 35 works by 19 Bay Area artists, and the remainder of the gallery was filled to the brim with 50 more works of art, stretching all the way to the stairwell. We also created a makeshift BART car containing the six original pieces that’ll be premiering as ad copy on BART later this month.


launch party photos5, 20140307

Radio Free Clear Light’s artist talk

launch party photos1, 20140307

Sugabus Media’s live painting!


Sputnik von Rocket played some incredible live music while the Sugabus Media painted near the entrance, and at 7pm the Art on BART artists shared the story behind their works in a Q&A session.

Those four hours let us showcase 96 artworks by 33 local artists for an art extravaganza, put up and taken down by a team of crackerjack volunteers in the hour before and after the gallery.


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Launch Gallery Artists:


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