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When it comes down to it, we really only have one goal: getting people to care about art.

We know everyone can’t appreciate it or even like it, but if we could all recognize its value as a teaching tool and method of expression, the world might get a little brighter. Especially if we teach our kids that sense of value in the arts — then the next generation might opt for creative problem-solving over empty rhetoric. We can only hope, but technology is already uniting people for the common good, and we want to be a part of it.

By making art accessible, we’re speaking up for the place it should have in everyone’s lives. Not necessarily visual arts, but music and dance, literature and poetry — any medium that gives the artist the power to create a world of their own, one that we’re all invited into, to experience and interpret on our own. We’re going to create an online home for these shared experiences, letting people decades apart connect over the same work of art. Because at one point they both stood in the same place and considered what was before them.

WanderArt will be different because you won’t be able to comment on an artwork unless it’s right there in front of you — checking into the artwork’s location lets you add your own photos of the work and comment while you’re still in its presence. Maybe people will be too busy for reflection, but we’re hoping that presenting the opportunity will encourage people to leave their world behind for a moment and enter the artwork. Even those who can’t completely escape in a world of stone and paint can at least consider the time period when the work was made, or the mindset of the artist during its creation.

We’re hoping to bring the art-appreciation movement into hospitals and schools, so that patients and students can learn about their local arts scene while developing their own creativity.

Art makes you think about things you wouldn’t have otherwise, and that teensy step outside helps our brains become faster and more adaptable. We want WanderArt to be like an open-form Lumosity, where the games come spontaneously whenever you find something that moves you.

We’re building an anthology of people’s reflections on art — keeping a record of something nobody cared much about before, because we believe art means so much more when everyone has a say.

For more abstract talk about art’s importance, read my post about WanderArt on my personal blog, things worth describing

If you have any ideas on how we can bring art into people’s lives, please email us!

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