Art on BART On The Rails!

Our Art on BART ads hit the trains on March 24th, turning six BART cars from typical commuter spaces into miniature makeshift art galleries thanks to 172 incredible Kickstarter backers. There’s less than 3,000 BART cars in all, so our six cars account for just a little more than 0.2%. But that teeny tiny decimal will […]

The Art on BART Launch Party!

Last Friday’s Art on BART Launch Party was an amazing first WanderArt gallery! Thanks to everyone who came out to support local art, and especially to Public Works for letting us use such a beautiful space for the event.   All in all we had more than 100 people filter through during our four hour pop-up art […]

Radio Free Clear Light: Process Over Product

It started in Daly City in 1994. Juan Carlos Mendizabal, a Salvadoran composer and electronic musician began publishing music made through a collaborative process. Passed between two fellow artists and himself, the work was completely centered around the process of its creation rather than focused on a final result. By adding one artist’s ideas on […]

Sean Wirth: Airbrushing Everything

Sean Wirth has always been painting, but the canvas part is new. It started with cars, helmets and motorcycles, until a piece of plywood found itself underneath his airbrush and the idea of creating art for its own sake occurred to him. And boy am I glad it did. He’s been a carpenter since 17, but […]

Art on BART Hits Kickstarter!

We are so excited to announce that the Art on BART Kickstarter has officially launched! After receiving more than 80 submissions from so many incredible Bay Area artists, we found six of the exceptionally talented who don’t mind letting us offer copies of their works to backers on Kickstarter. The countdown is on and we only have 29 […]

8 Works of Santa Street Art

The face of secular Christmas celebrations everywhere, Santa has fast come to symbolize the commercialism that takes over the holiday season once Black Friday casts its shadow. Still, kids all over the world believe in that bearded grandfather figure that magically fulfills all their Christmas wishes all the way from the North Pole. Street artists […]

Our Place & Purpose

When it comes down to it, we really only have one goal: getting people to care about art. We know everyone can’t appreciate it or even like it, but if we could all recognize its value as a teaching tool and method of expression, the world might get a little brighter. Especially if we teach […]